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I recorded two podfics for Hananobira's Audiofic Archivist Appreciation Meme, aka #3AM! \o/ I was a bit nervous because this was the first fest or challenge I signed up for and my previous podfics took foreeeeeeeeveeeeeeer to edit. But as it turns out, the deadline worked really well for me and my productivity.


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So Totally Busted (Young Avengers, Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman) by Perpetual Motion, who has blanket permission, yay!

This is a short one, so I'm just going to give you the summary and let you listen for yourself: "Yeah, Billy's a superhero, and that's awesome. But he's still a teenager, and that means answering to his folks."

This fic was requested by[profile] sly_hostetter, who obviously has very good taste in both fandoms and fics. I love the Young Avengers and especially Billy and Teddy. Though to be honest - all of the characters are awesome (Kaaaaate <3). The inclusion of everyone's parents in the earlier issues of the series was something I really enjoyed, particularly that one scene with Billy's parents. Possibly my favourite scene in the comics, ngl. :D

The awesome cover art was made by[personal profile] raz0rgirl and[personal profile] duckgirlie was my super speedy beta who conveniently knew things about Adium. I actually tried to find the message alert sound that Adium makes, but the one youtube video I found (yes, someone made a video solely to share that sound with the world) was sadly not of very good quality. Where does everyone else get their sound effects?

Download link is here at mediafire. (09:46 min)


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Gone to the Dogs by Rei Kinneas. hockeyrpf, gen-ish (Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews pre-slash). Recorded for[personal profile] fish_echo.

Ah~, hockeyrpf. Still ruining my life in the most enjoyable way possible. This was one of the first hockey fics I read and it's super adorable. I mean, Jonathan Toews turns into a puppy! Need I say more? It's also the first gen fic I've recorded - for a given, very pre-slashy definition of gen. Things I enjoyed about this story: Kaner having a lot of feelings while also being very oblivious, puppy!Johnny being his cock-blocking and jealous self, Sharpy (because, c'mon, he's Sharpy! Do I need a reason?), Seabs and his book of Wicca spells, and the image of Coach Q consulting with puppy!Tazer during practice. D'awwww.

The song at the beginning/end is Gone to the Dogs by KT Tunstall, because I remain somewhat uncreative in that regard. I considered using this song from the start, then decided to search all of my music for a better fit, and in the end I returned to it after all. <.< Choosing music is hard, yo.

Thanks to the lovely[ profile] fishpatrol for the beta and to[personal profile] sylvaine for helping me out with the surprise!Slovakian. Cover art is by me, surprisingly! My first go at it, yay!

Download link is here at mediafire. (50:23 min)

(Also, is this a good week or what? 3AM podfics are posted, Fall Out Boy have new music AND Community comes back on in a few days! Awesome! :D)


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