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cinéma vérité by ohtempora (Hockey RPF, Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane) is a an awesome story. Seriously, I fell in love as soon as I read the summary:

"Movie nights with Kaner become a thing once they begin to get recognized enough that physically going to the movies means he spends a couple of days waiting for the Deadspin exposé entitled Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane Have Terrible Taste in Movies, Each Other to hit the internet."

See? Awesome! :D The whole story is just full of lines that were so. much. fun. to read out loud (Ryan Gosling and his abs! Microbreweries! Okay, that one was actually pretty difficult.), and I recorded them over and over again to find the most fun deliveries. I think I already thought about how one could audibly separate the movie sections when I read this fic for the very first time, so this is possibly the first thing I read from a podfic view point from the very start.

I decided on using film music right away, and then ran straight into the problem of only ever having seen one of the featured movies (LotR), so while I could obviously look stuff up on youtube, I didn't actually know if people who had seen these films would really associate the songs with them. Twitter came through for me for the most part, and I hope that you, dear listener, recognize them if you've seen the movies. Coincidentally, two of the songs are by Muse. Huh. For one section, I also used audio from the movie itself, because reasons.

(Side note: Since recording and editing etc. I have actually seen Up, which is an utterly amazing movie that made me CRY LIKE YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE. Like, I was just a sobbing mess when the movie ended, and it's not a sad ending! I literally said "I'm not crying because I'm sad, I just have too many feelings!" to my friend as the credits rolled. No one would ever bet on who could make me cry first. It'd just be a matter of who got to me faster.)

[ profile] fishpatrol was my beta and also enlightened me re: hummus (I kept reading that everywhere but never bothered to look up just what it is). The cover was once again made by yours truly, though to be honest all I had to do was stumble over that picture, make it darker and choose a font. Fonts are serious business. (I know, I know, they're not actually in a movie theatre, but I really liked that picture, okay?)

Alright, the download link is here at mediafire and the length is exactly 15:30.

Finally, I'd like to say that I completely agree with the author's notes on the story: that gif of Jonathan Toews being freaked out by pigeons really is the most hilarious thing on the Internet. 

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