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Considering that I only put out two podfics all year in 2012, I'm quite surprised (but also super pleased, obvs) by my podfic output so far this year. Coming right up: two more Hockey RPF podfics. Even better yet: two collaborations with the awesome [personal profile] fishpatrol!

Four Kisses by grim_lupine (Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews) is short and sweet and reverse chronological. I almost messed up one of the lines in this story because I was busy melting into a puddle of fuzzy feelings and 'Awwwww'-ing all over the place.

Making the cover was fun - I'm still a bit disappointed that no one could find us that mystical picture of the two dudes who look like Kaner and Tazer making out, tbh. Alas, instead I spent a few hours on google looking for kissing pictures (wondering about the lack of outright porn until I noticed google had turned the safe search filter on. Oh, google.) and eventually found this picture. At least that one dude kinda looks like Johnny? Anyway. It is becoming quite obvious that I'm way too fond of the Blackhawks colour scheme (and the stripes thing! <3), considering I've made 3 covers so far - all for hockey podfic, granted - and they're all red/white/black.

You can download (or stream!) here. (8:54 min)

(Cover made by [personal profile] fishpatrol <3)

Just Routine by grim_lupine (Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews). The author's summary is as follows: "Three times Johnny went to Patrick's room, and one time Patrick went to him."
How much do I love all the fic about the room sharing, or rather, lack of room sharing now that they get single rooms? SO. MUCH. The codependency of this pairing just really works for me, IDEK.

Download or stream over here. (13:05 min)

These were my first collaborations (unless you count theatripod, but well, that's not out yet) and it was a great experience! :D I want to do more!
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