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I've been looking forward to doing this since I saw it going around last year. I even started a spreadsheet because of it, though that might also just be because Podficcers/spreadsheets = OTP.


I put out 8 podfics this year. 3 of those were collaborations and one was theatripod. Total length (without theatripod, since my part in that was relatively small): 03:37:50.

Longest podfic: Accidentally In Love, 01:42:50.

Shortest podfic: Four Kisses, 00:08:54

I participated in 3 challenges/exchanges and posted works in 5 fandoms, but mostly in Hockey RPF.

What was the best podfic you made this year?

I'm really, really happy with my delivery and the music in cinéma vérité, so I'm gonna go with that one. I feel like it really helped me to establish my character voices and to improve my...comedic reading? I guess? My intonation and inflection are more varied than usual, which fits the story (or so I hope) and there are a ton of lines in this that I just love to death.

Most underappreciated?

Once again, cinéma vérité. There are podfics of mine that have gotten less feedback, but those were in tiny fandoms, so I didn't really expect anything else.

Personal favourite, for whatever reason?

Gone to the Dogs is just really fucking cute, you guys. And it's the first podfic I made that I really, really liked listening to, which is awesome. I've found that my own voice and the familiarity I have with a podfic after hours and hours of editing can help me get to sleep or calm down even when my usual comfort podfics by other readers don't work.

Most difficult to make?

I'm not sure what to put here, since I didn't experience any of these as more difficult than others on a technical level. Maybe the Hockey RPF/SGA not!fic? Though that's more from a story-telling perspective. We wrote that one on twitter and didn't really have one single narrative, we just came up with bits of headcanon and I had to change some lines around to make everything flow better. More challenging than difficult, I'd say.

Most “ah ha ha I can’t believe I’m doing this”?

The Podfic Project Of My Heart, which will hopefully be finished some time next year and is just so goddamn long and beyond any ambitions I thought I had. Also it's just so fun and amazing that I can't believe I get to do this.

Among the ones that were actually finished and posted this year, probably the Hockey RPF/SGA not!fic, because I never thought I'd record something that I actually helped to 'write'.

Most fun to make?

Aaaaaaaall of the collaborations! :DDDDD Seriously, I got to work with the best people and I love everyone in this bar. <3

Was there one that didn’t turn out the way you wanted?

So Totally Busted. I just couldn't find the character voices. :/ 

Biggest learning experience?

Working with my new microphone! I got a Snowball for my birthday and it took me pretty long to figure everything out and find new settings in audacity.

What’s next? Do you have any podfic goals for next year?

Finish recording and editing the Podfic Project Of My Heart. I hope to get it done by the end of July, and I don't think I'll start working on anything else in the meantime. 

After that I want to record more Hockey and maybe something in of my rare fandoms. I also definitely want to do #ITPE again

“Firsts” of the year?

- Making cover art (so much fun, omg!)

- Participating in challenges

- Collaborations <3

- Podfic over an hour

- Spreadsheets (heh)


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