Sep. 18th, 2015

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Uh, surprise? It certainly was one to me.

with strings so fragile is an orphaned Kuroko no Basuke fic (Midorima/Takao because hey, this is me we're talking about) that I had been considering recording sometime in the near future, but the other day I just felt like working on some podfic, so I recorded and edited it in two days. Or two evenings, rather. It's a short one, coming in at 11:25, and it's just really calm and quiet and sweet and tagged by the author as 'Emotional Constipation' because it's about Midorima having feelings, so of course that fits perfectly.

Have I mentioned before how much I love Midorima/Takao? Because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Favourite knb OTP, pretty much he only reason why I watched seson 3 tbh. I want to record some more for this pairing in the future.

The cover was kind of a rush job - after spending at least 45 minutes last night looking first for screencaps of that one episode that I knew for a fact had Midorima with his mobile phone, and then for pictures/anime screenshots of Japanese flip phones in general, none of the things I found wanted to work. So I just said 'fuck it' and went with the above picture.

Anyway. The download link is here. Once again, thanks to paraka for hosting.

Enjoy! <3


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