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Jul. 15th, 2014 09:50 pm
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Belated post is belated because I didn't have time on Sunday and straight up forgot yesterday. Why didn't I have time, you ask? I was busy watching the world cup final, duh. And speaking of which: WELTMEISTEEEEEEEEEER!!! 

Ah~, I'm still so happy that they won, it was THE BEST. Me and my parents went to my sister's place to watch the game and had food and cocktails in Germany-colours and the game was so INCREDIBLY TENSE that my heartbeat was out of control and I made lots of weird noises and after we got back I spent like 2 more hours watching the players celebrate and getting interviewed. Or, in the case of Podolski, crashing other people's interviews. Bless. <3 Some of the players' kids and their wives/girlfriends came onto the pitch and it was adorable. <3 Also, yesterday and today I just kept randomly going 'KISSY FACES :DDDDDDD' because of these two things that happened in the celebration and that made me all happy. YOU DORKS, OMG.

Also I had a lot of ~feelings~ about this particular generations getting a very, very deserved title. The current core, if that's what you want to call it, probably won't last much longer, and they've been so great during the last  8+ years. The 2006 world cup was probably the first one I was really consciously following, so they're special to me, y'know?

Anyway. There's actually not that much to talk about, since I spent most of last week on a trip to Hamburg with my parents, which was fun. But also exhausting, dear god, my feet. In the remaining days I didn't revisit anything, so let's jump right into the new stuff:

Kuragehime/Jellyfish Princess:

I saw this recommended a lot and I'm glad I finally decided to check it out! Kuragehime is just lovely, really. The cast of characters is endearing and funny, and I kinda wish we got to know more about the rest of the sisterhood. My favourite side character is Mayaya, btw. :3 As for the main characters, Tsukimi and Kuranosuke are ADORABLE, omg. <3 I was rooting for them to get together, but alas, if they had ended up in a relationship by the end of the anime it really would've felt too fast. Y'know, for some reason I was convinced there was a second season, so I was sad to discover this isn't the case. I really want to spend more time with the characters. :( Maybe I'll go check out the manga.

On the technical side, the character designs are great and the Opening and the Ending are REALLY GREAT, I love those songs. Honestly, there's only two things I didn't like. One, the brother's storyline made me kinda uncomfortable at times, and two, the ending felt pretty rushed. Another episode or two could probably have improved the ~flow~ of the story. Aside from that, however, I can definitely see why it gets recommended by everyone.

Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler:

I started watching the anime a while ago but stopped after a few episodes because of...reasons? Honestly, I can't remember. But since the Circus Arc is getting animated now I figured I'd give it another try and oh. Ooooh. I fucking love this. It's both ridiculous and super dark, which makes for an awesome combination. It's right up my alley. Interestingly, tvtropes compares it to Count Cain/Godchild as far as the 'super dark holy shit' side of things goes, which I find very apt. Also it reminds me to reread Godchild, it's one of my old favourites. Kaori Yuki, man. I read all her stuff at a very impressionable age and sometimes it shows.

But back to Kuroshitsuji (hilariously tagged as 'Kuroshit' by someone I follow on tumblr, well played.) I love all of the characters. ALL OF THEM. I can't really tell who's my favourite out of all the side characters, but I am rather fond of Grell. Bless your beautiful, crazy self, bb. And Lizzie, I really enjoyed her recent backstory reveal in the manga. Oooh, and Soma and Agni! They're even more adorable in the manga. And I was really happy that all the staff got back stories, even if they're a bit sparse. Who knows, maybe they'll get expanded some more in the future. So yeah, like I said, I love all of them. ^^''''

For the anime, I thought the first season worked pretty well as a stand-alone (a certain someone's unnecessary death aside), but I was kind of 'meh' about the second season. While I liked the connection between the seasons and how that was revealed gradually, the pacing was just all over the place in the second half. Did not work for me at all. And I didn't like the ending. Good thing it's not part of the manga canon.

After I finished waching I read the manga in, like, two days. (Admittedly, I only skimmed some parts of the earlier story lines that were covered in the anime.) First of all, the art is gorgeous, especially when it comes to how the magaka draws Sebastian. I mean. Hot damn. The story arcs are unusually compact, but they might just seem that way to me because I'm used to never ending shounen anime story arcs, IDK. Now that I've caught up, I kinda wish they'd animate the boarding school arc instead of the circus arc, that might be my favourite. But still, I'm looking forward to it. Just not as much as I'm looking forward to the next manga chapter, because gaaaah, cliffhangers.

Note to self: try looking up the musical. Or at least the story and characters that appear in it, seems interesting.

Next up, another section. Because I keep wanting to talk about my regular shows that don't meet the criteria I initially had for these recaps.

Ongoing stuff:

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun:

This show. This show is HILARIOUS. :D No really, I laughed so much while watching the two episodes that are out so far.  Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun, as it can be translated, is about a girl who tries confessing to her classmate/crush and accidentally becomes his assistant instead, because he's actually a successful shoujo manga artist who completely misunderstood what she was trying to say. It's adorable and funny and very much not what I usually watch. Thank god I saw a gifset on tumblr that I found intriguing. They're still in the process of introducing all the characters and building up the story and I'm excited for the rest of the cast, definitely want to stick with this and see where it's going. Just...uh...Sakura and Mikoshiba are getting paid, right? Right? <.<


At last! The chimera ant arc is over! That really went on for too long. After the new anime managed to be much less long-winded during the early arcs than it could've been, the whole palace invasion part of the arc dragged on for foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Let's be honest, though. Mostly I'm just glad because the end of the chimera ant arc means we're getting closer to the return of Leorio and Kurapika, who I have been missing like crazy. Not even Killua's presence can make up for the lack of these two for that long.

However. HOWEVER. Guess what I was really hoping for? A different opening song, Jesus fucking Christ. SNK got a new OP song after like, 14 episodes. Haikyuu!! just got a new one. And those were both better songs than the goddamn HxH OP, gaaaaaah. Sorry. This is just a giant pet-peeve for me. As for the new ED, I'm also a bit disappointed, since it's just the same frame throughout the whole thing. Boring.

The HxH manga came back from hiatus recently and updates very frequently. And Kurapika is back! :DDDD Much happiness all around. Well. For me as a reader, not for Kurapika. <.<''' Let's hope that the mangaka doesn't go back on hiatus anytime soon, he'll hold up the anime if he does.


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