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Aug. 5th, 2014 09:56 pm
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This post is late because I had a very busy weekend full of various people's birthday celebrations, and yesterday I went to see The Cat Empire for the first time in years, so I didn't have time.  And when I finally sat down to  write, I accidentally deleted my half-finished post, sob. /o\ I can't make myself type everything again, so forgive me if this write-up is a bit shorter than usual.




The Cat Empire:


The Cat Empire is still my favourite band to see live, so I was really happy that they came back to my home town after a few years of skipping it on their tours. They actually played their first concert in Germany here, maybe 8 years or so ago, which was where I first saw them.  I kind of missed their last couple albums and forgot to catch up before the concert, but they played enough old songs that I could sing along to.  We danced for almost 2 and a half hours straight, so today I woke up incredibly sore, oh wow. Clearly I'm out of practice. But it was most definitely worth it. <3


The Unlimited - Hyoubu Kyousuke:


This anime, oh man. It's really not all that special when you compare it to any of my other favourite anime, and yet. AND YET. What was this, my third time seeing it? If someone could explain to me why I love it this much, that'd be great. As always, it left me wanting more with no hope of ever getting it, which is just sad. There doesn't even seem to be a fandom for it - or maybe I've just gotten worse at looking for doujinshi, who knows.


BTW, the full title of this anime is Courtesy of Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited - Hyoubu Kyousuke, because it's a ~darker and grittier~ spin-off of Zettai Karen Children. In my desperation I decided to check out the source anime and manga, but…meh. I don't really care for the lighter tone, all those lolicon jokes or the sad, sad lack of Andy (and Yugiri). Andy and his interactions with Hyoubu and the rest of PANDRA were my favourite things about The Unlimited. Unless ZKC magically decides to include at least 600% more of that, I can't really be bothered with it.


Last week I mentioned that Hamatora reminded me of The Unlimited, but in hindsight there's not really anything similar between them at all, aside from maybe Art and Hyoubu's hairstyles and the superhuman abilities. Seems like that was enough to make me wish I was watching it instead of Hamatora, in any case. Oh, and I almost forgot: check out the soundtrack for The Unlimited, it's awesome.


Reine Geschmackssache:


This is an old favourite of mine, a German indie comedy with some LGBT themes.  I bought it years ago and watch it every once in a while - tbh I've seen it so often that I'm not sure what else to say about it. Apparently it's called Fashion Victims in English, if you find it with subtitles or maybe even dubbed you should check it out!


Digimon Adventure:


Okay, so I didn't actually revisit Digimon (though I rewatched the first season not too long ago, it was hilarious and nostalgic and I still love it), BUT DID YOU HEAR THAT THERE WILL BE A NEW ANIME??? I am so pumped, oh wow. Digimon is probably the defining show of my childhood and I still love the first generation of characters SO MUCH, I started crying just watching the announcement video. My babies, back on my screen. I can't wait. <3


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle:


The new Tsubasa manga starts this month and MY BODY IS READY. I know, I know, TRC got confusing as hell towards the end, but I'm still incredibly fond of the characters, so you can imagine my excitement at the news. While I have read all of the original manga in scanlations, I'm also still in the process of buying all the volumes. I still have a lot of unfinished series from before I started reading scanlations, and buying the rest of TRC seemed more manageable and relevant to my interests than, say, buying the rest of Nana or catching up on Detective Conan.


In even more TRC-related stuff, I also rewatched the movie last week. I had forgotten how pretty the animation was, but the story still leaves me cold. The movie is only 30 minutes long, so there's really not all that much going on, and there is way too little Kurogane/Fai bickering in it for my tastes. I play favourites, what else did you expect? ^^''' Maybe I should rewatch the Tokyo Revelations OVA, it's so much better.


New Stuff:


HunterxHunter: The Last Mission:


I was looking forward to this movie like you would not believe, but in the end it left me pretty cold. Same as the first movie, really, so i don't know why I expected more from it. It was very shippy, at least, I'll give them that. Lots of blushing and hugging all around. Really though, why is it always Kurapika who gets hurt?


Watching The Last Mission shortly after the Tsubasa movie got me thinking about movies based on anime in general. It seems like movies based on these types of shounen series especially have trouble with the format. Probably because they try to fit a story that's similar to a normal arc (and all the characters!) into a much shorter time frame, resulting in a lack of emotional pay-off? The 6th One Piece movie is maybe the only exception I can think of. Compare this to, say, the Detective Conan movies, where the case structure is much easier to work with in a movie's time limits.  


Then again, I can't say I've watched all that many anime movies, so. *shrugs*


Saving Face:


I saw this movie recommended on some LGBT list or other, but didn't watch it for ages because I couldn't find it with subtitles until last week. A significant portion of it is in Mandarin, so I really couldn't do without. Let me describe this movie in two words: HELLA CUTE. Seriously, I was smiling the whole time. There's some drama, sure, but a lot less angst than compared to other LGBT-movies (take for example one of my favourite movies ever, Shelter). The main character especially is adorable, and I liked that her relationship with her mother was the center of the story. Also the code-switching is super fun even though I only understand one of the languages, but that might just be because I find code-switching super fascinating. (See also: Good Cop Bon Cop)


A++, watch if you like cute people and languages.




How satisfying is it to watch Leorio punch Ging in the face? REALLY FUCKING SATISFYING, HELLS YEAH. :DDD

There's only one week left now before I have to go back to work, sadly. Doing these posts was super fun, maybe I'll find a way to continue them somehow.


Oh, and this is very off topic, but did you know that you can view the Japanese amazon in English? Because I just found out about that, so if you'll excuse me, I have to go buy all the Japanese One Piece logs immediately.


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