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Previously on Chrisi's Eternal Summer / Who's That Seiyuu / Did You Know I Have A Lot Of Feelings About Anime / this series of write-ups I did:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6

Like I already said, writing these posts regularly was super fun and actually much easier than I'd anticipated. I'm thinking about how best to keep doing these - now that I'm back at work I really won't be able to watch so many things, obviously, but maybe I can write one post a month or so.

For now I thought I'd pick the new-to-me things I liked best and that I'd most recommend. (Keeping it short because, well, I already wrote about them.)

1. In The Flesh (week 1), definitely! My new life goal is to make everyone I know watch this show because it's amazing and really, really special. Hands down among the top shows I've ever seen, it deserves all the awards.

2. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (weeks 2 and 4). I'd go with the anime over the manga, though both are very good. I just prefer the episode format over the four panel strips. Hilarious beyond belief, never mean-spirited, with a great cast of characters. I love every single one of them. Perfect for when you just want to feel good and laugh for 20 minutes straight. (ongoing series)

3. Haikyuu!! (weeks 1 and 6) I JUST REALLY LOVE THIS ANIME, OKAY? I keep squeeing about it on twitter because it gives so much joy. It avoids a lot of the things that can make other sports anime seem silly, it usually makes me laugh for half the episode and then cry from being overwhelmed with (super positive!) feelings the other half. Emotional investment level at 110%. (ongoing series)

4. Saving Face (week 5). HELLA CUTE. Also code-switching. We all need more happy LGBT movies in our lives, don't we?

Aside from watching/reading a bajillion shows and movies and manga I also had plans to do some other things.

Things I didn't do: Going through my pinboard and updating old, broken fic links. I'm not surprised I didn't do this, it's a daunting task and probably just way too depressing. All that old fic on deleted websites or journals. :(

Things I did do: Edit podfic! Granted, I was hoping to finish the podfic project of my heart this month, and instead I only just started first round edits on the last chapter. But I have a good pace going on right now, trying to edit for 20 to 30 minutes every night before I go to bed, so hopefully I'll be done soon.

I also started doing Tai Chi and some kata! Now, I've had this one Tai Chi book for forever, but only now did I actually memorize a full sequence. I love how it feels to move in a sequence like this. It's not just relaxing, it makes me feel really good about myself in a way I can't really describe, maybe because of how intently I'm focusing on my body and my movement. I highly doubt that I'm doing everything correctly, being self-taught and all, but I do get a lot from it anyway.

For the same reason I always wanted to have some kind of kata ("detailed choreographed patterns of movements practised either solo or in pairs", thanks wikipedia) I could do on my own. Tai Chi is great, but I always wanted something more forceful, something more like fighting. I love the martial arts combination I practice (Jeet Kun Do and Fillipino Martial Arts), but there's no kata for those. So I finally decided to go the usual route and just buy a book. Specifically, a book about Shotokan Karate kata. I felt a bit uncomfortable and disrespectful tbh, since I've never done karate. <.< Oh well. I'm only ever gonna do it alone, at home, so it should be fine. I'm pretty sure I'm getting a lot of the motions wrong (not that I'm trying to learn it perfectly), kinda making it up as I go along. But I love the flow of it. More abrupt than Tai Chi but still continuous in a really pleasing way.

Finally, I also wanted to mention some other stuff going on in my life at the moment. Namely, I PASSED MY FINAL EXAMS! :DDDDD Now I only need to go to the oral exam next month and then I'll get my Bachelor of Laws. My average is already good enough that the office will keep me on, so that's a relief. I'm back at work already, but come October I will become a real employee, which also means more money (aw yeah). I already applied to be transferred to a location closer to home next year. The city I currently work in isn't that far away, but there are some offices that are a lot closer and more convenient to reach. Time to cross my fingers and hope everything will keep working out like I want it to.
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