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Oct. 11th, 2014 06:01 pm
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Internets, I am sad. Why? Because the 2014 summer season of anime is over, and with it all my new anime loves - Barakamon*, Haikyuu!!, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - and some older ones - HunterxHunter, Free - have ended. Normally I'd wait for tumblr to suck me into new shows like it usually does, but this time around I was actually impatient enough to check the schedule and promos of the fall season, which started last week. I decided to give a few of them a try, so here's my initial thoughts after seeing the first episodes.

World Trigger - sci-fi, I guess

Story: ...something about aliens?

A short history of me and World trigger:

2 months ago: *sees a post on tumblr about WT* Meh. I'm not going to watch this. 
2 weeks ago: *watches promo* Nope. Not going to watch this.
1 week ago: I'm not going to - HOW DID I END UP WATCHING THIS?

I'm not really feeling the premise, I dislike the design of the primary characters, the animation is nothing special, so why did I check it out? Oh, right. Because one of the side characters who has barely even appeared so far looks like Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4. I'm so easy. *sighs* To be fair though, the show seems promising. It's just not really what I thought I wanted to watch.

Donten ni warau -  Meiji period, fantasy

Story: Three brothers are in charge of ferrying criminals to a prison island, but first they have to catch them because the police are somehow too stupid to not let them escape. Also featuring: hot, mysterious shinobi friend, hot, mysterious teacher, and hot, mysterious government special forces. Real plot hasn't quite been revealed yet.

From the promo and some stuff I saw on tumblr this looked great, but after two episodes I'm not entirely convinced yet. It started out really weak with the first one. There must have been a better way to introduce the show, honestly. The second episode was a lot more interesting, starting to throw out some hints at interesting back stories, introducing more characters etc. My OTP senses were tingling already (Shirasu and Tenka, yes please), but as with almost all of these new series, there's no tvtropes page for me to check the shipping potential in the source material. (I suppose I could just read the manga, but I don't like reading ahead when an anime has just started.)

The animation looks pretty good for the most part, but for some reason it gets really lazy as soon as a fight scene starts. Which is kind of a problem when a fight scene is the climax of every episode. If I wanted speed lines and 5 second stills I'd be watching a shounen anime from the 90s. Just saying. Also the seiyuu for the youngest brother is the same as Nagisa from Free and somehow it doesn't work at all. I'm so confused by this.

Akatsuki no Yona - fantasy

Story: Princess and her bodyguard become fugitives after an assassination.

This is the one I was most excited about because a) innocent, bratty princess turning into a badass archer, hells yeah and b) let's not talk about my thing for (spear-wielding) bodyguards who go rogue to protect their charge, I'll just blame Sword of the Stranger and Seirei no Moribito for it and leave it at that.

However, the first episode was kind of a let-down. Not story-wise, I still think that's very cool. And I love the opening music/theme. But the animation is mediocre and the...well, I think it's the direction? The pacing and, in one particularly glaring instance, the scene progression, are just not very good. There was a lot of exposition that could have been done a lot better and more subtly and the music cues were way off. I kept expecting them to set in any moment now during one spoilery scene, but the music just stayed the same throughout, weirdly inappropriate. IDK.

I'm definitely gonna stick with it because I love the premise so much, but I really hope that the production gets better over the next few episodes. 

Shirobako - slice of life

Story: A bunch of girls formed an animation club in high school and promised to make it big after graduation, but being an adult is hard and the animation industry is super stressful. But in an entertaining way.

I wasn't sure if I was even going to give this a try, because I couldn't find a promo and just based on the summary it could've gone into a much more moe/fan-servicy direction. After watching the first episode I was really pleasantly surprised, though! The story and characters are interesting and engaging (though there are loads and loads of characters already, I'm having some trouble remembering who has what job). The animation is the second-best on this list, meaning it's great, and I thought I noticed some hints of a possible femslash pairing - the ending kinda pointed in a different direction, though, so I'm being cautious.

Definitely sticking with this one.

Orenchi no furo jijou - gag anime

Story: Dude rescues a merman who then moves into his bathtub.

I'm assuming this is based on a yonkoma, like other gag anime. No idea though. It's cute and pretty and probably slashy, but I can't really judge it as a whole yet, since the episodes are so short and only the first one is out yet. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

Shigatsu wa kimi no uso - romance? I guess?

Story: Gifted musician had a breakdown at a recital as a child because reasons, can't play piano anymore, is traumatized, meets cute violinist and I assume they'll fall in love? Also there's two more friends who are very good at sports.

I didn't see a promo or summary for this, I just noticed the name (April is your lie? Am I making some kind of translation error here?) when I was refreshing the site where I watch my anime and decided to check it out on a whim. You guys. YOU GUYS. This is the prettiest show I have seen in forever, holy shit. The backgrounds. The character models. The animation itself, oh wow. I wish every other anime on this list *coughAkatsukinoYonacough* would look this good.

As for the story...eh, it's not what I usually go for, and I'm not sure if it'll keep my interest for a whole season. Also I suspect there might be love triangles coming up and no. No. Do not want. But on the other hand, it's just so gorgeous.

I'll probably check out at least the next episode and see where it goes from there. Oh, I do think I should warn for past child abuse, though! Not sure how deep they'll go into it in upcoming episodes.

* Did I ever mention Barakamon? I thought I must have, but looking back over all the posts I wrote during my free month I can't seem to find it...In any case, Barakamon is lovely, please watch it.


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