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Thank you so much in advance! As always, I am super excited for this exchange.

General stuff:

I usually prefer happy, funny stories, but as long as there's a happy ending I don't mind the occasional angst. I love AUs and crossovers and tropes of all kinds, with kidfic (of the non-mpreg variety) being one of my favourites. Also outsider-POV! And weird inexplicable animal transformation/age regression! To name just a few. Recently I've also been craving case fic like crazy, so depending on the fandom that's always an option as well.

As for squicks/triggers, please avoid non-con and major character death. Also I have a pretty big embarrassment squick. I'm usually not much one for kinks, except for maybe some d/s.

I really, really stick to my OTPs, so I hope there's one among them
 that you like. Otherwise gen is also fine, of course. If you're looking for inspiration, I have a pinboard where I save everything I read and liked. The <3, * and Awesomeness tags are reserved for for my favourite fics.

On to the fandoms! (in no particular order) I've tried to provide some preferences in each case, but please don't feel like you have to stick to exactly what I mention. I've included a couple more of my smaller fandoms on the list this year, but hey, if you see a tiny fandom on my pinboard that you've always wanted to record in? As long as it's the pairing I have bookmarked fics for, go for it. 


Ah yes, the sports anime of my heart. <3 I have so many OTPs in this fandom. SO MANY: Oikawa/Iwaizumi, Akaashi/Bokuto, Daichi/Suga, Yachi/Kiyoko, Hinata/Kageyama, Ukai/Takeda, Tsukishima/Yamaguchi, Kenma/Kuroo. Fair warning if you go by my pinboard: I asked dalyeau for permission to record better than spy films quite a while ago and haven't heard back from them yet. :/


Alright, so I stopped reading Naruto like, 10 years ago, but I still love Iruka/Kakashi fics to death. Stories that are set in more recent arcs are okay as well, as long as knowledge of newer characters or story lines isn't absolutely necessary.

Kuroko no Basuke: 

Tbh all I want for this is Midorima/Takao. Maybe Kuroko/Kagami, too. Aside from those two pairings, I am fine with pretty much any combination in background pairings.

Fullmetal Alchemist:

I just fell back into this, so hey, why not. Roy/Ed, post-canon is preferable, I love all the super plotty case fics in this fandom, but also domestic stuff.

DCU comics:

Tim/Kon only. I've never actually read any comics with these two in them, aside from what I gathered from those comic scan communities that used to be a thing on lj, but somehow I still ended up with this pairing. *shrugs* 

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles:

Kurogane/Fai! And some background Sakura/Syaoran is always adorable.

Think of England:

Look, there are 4 Archie/David fics on the AO3. They're all amazing. Go for it.

The Eagle:

I haven't read the books, so I'd prefer stories that don't require too much knowledge beyond the movie. Marcus/Esca, during the movie, post-movie, AU...I love everything!

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun:

I have read barely any fic for this fandom, but if you find something you like I'd be absolutely delighted to hear it. I ship all the official pairings, Sakura/Nozaki, Hori/Kashima, Seo/Wakamatsu, and the almost canon Mayu/Mikoshiba ;D. Mikoshiba is my favourite, so I'd be extra happy if he was featured. 

Gordon Korman books:

My favourite here is Mike/Rudy from I want to go home, and I'm slightly less familiar with but still really like Bruno/Boots from the Macdonald Hall series. Crossovers between different Gordon Korman series are always awesome, and I prefer fics where the boys are grown up, at least near the end of their teenage years. 


Oh, SGA. <3 So much amazing crack in this fandom. And so many amazing AUs and crossovers! :D John/Rodney is my pairing of choice here, but I like fic that involves the whole team. Whenever I'm listening to old SGA podfic I remember just how much I love those fandom specific tropes like weird ancient devices, off-world rituals etc.


What I'm particularly fond of in this fandom are Arthur/Eames stories that are either a) ridiculously domestic or b) action packed case fics. Also I've always liked the ones that add a lot of backstory to these characters or involve their families.


When it comes to the social network, I put up with a lot more angst than usual, since it comes with the source material. Mark/Eduardo, preferably set post-movie or entirely AU. For RPF I like Jesse/Andrew, bonus points if a story involves Emma Stone (in a way that doesn't involve break-ups, I should add).

Dresden Files:

I've read the books until...maybe half-way through Changes? I don't really remember the last couple I read though, so. *shrugs* Harry/Marcone for this one. Alternate timelines that change their relationship dynamic from the very beginning are especially interesting to me.

Generation Kill: 

I have strong post-show setting preferences for GenKill, either that or AU. Brad/Nate is my main pairing, but I also like Ray/Walt.

Check, Please!:

Are there fics about Lardo? There should be. Also fics about Johnson the metaphysical goalie! Honestly, anything would be swawesome. Pairings: Jack/Bitty, Shitty/Lardo (or just them being bros), Ransom/Holster, those two Haus ghosts that I'm pretty sure have names but I can't remember them right now. 

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