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Couple days late, but eh, whatever.


I posted 8 podfics in 7 fandoms this year, all solo projects. Total length: 21:06:18

Longest podfic: bring it if you really want it, 15:31:03.

Shortest podfic: the song went on forever, 00:06:02

All podfics except two were gifts for someone, among those two ITPE main gifts and 3 treats. 

What was the best podfic you made this year?

I know which podfic I'd like to go here, but it's not finished yet, so it doesn't belong in this post. <.< But no, I'll go with two of my ITPE projects: let's get together before we get much older (Raven Cycle) and The One With The Bros (Teen Wolf). Both have some technical stuff going on that means neither can be a clear first choice, but I also feel like I did really well choosing a (very different from each other) tone and delivery that fit each story. Also The One With The Bros is the one with the best cover I made in 2015, hands down.

Most underappreciated?

This is a hard one, because on one hand I want to say bring it if you really want it (Hockey RPF), but on the other I understand perfectly why that is as it is. So instead I'll go for with strings so fragile (Kuroko no Basuke), because while I was making that purely for myself, I was still hoping there'd be a target audience for it somewhere. Four for you, single guest who left kudos on it. Four for you.

Personal favourite, for whatever reason?

Surprisingly, it might just be The One With the Bros. I expected it would be fun to record and all, but aside from that editing it was a breeze, compared to other projects, and I think I'll be listening to it a lot.

Most difficult to make?

bring it. Dear god, bring it. It was an amazing learning experience and I'm still super proud and fond of it, but jumping from a maximum of 2 hours to 15 hours was not easy. I am incredibly impressed by all the amazing podficcers who pull of multiple giant projects a year. But I think my previously glacial editing pace has improved a bit by now, and I've learned some new audacity things, and it was worth it.

Also Chacun à son goût (Dresden Files) was surprisingly difficult, but on sheer scale it just doesn't compare to bring it.

Most “ah ha ha I can’t believe I’m doing this”?

Once again, bring it. But I also put that here the last time I did a stats meme, so. There was actually a super weird/awesome moment when I was recording in-person collabs with Rhea314 and I was like. I'm recording podfic! With another podficcer! Who's sitting right next to me! Very strange, but mostly just very cool.

Most fun to make?

The collabs! And The One With the Bros. :D

Was there one that didn’t turn out the way you wanted?

Chacun à son goût. I still like it, don't get me wrong, but it was a somewhat frustrating editing experience. And I can't even put my finger on why, exactly, so that's pretty annoying.

Biggest learning experience?

Working on bring it, definitely. I really noticed how I improved over the two and a half years I spent on it, reading-wise. Learned a lot of pronunciations, but that's par of the course for any of my projects, really. Perhaps most importantly, I feel like I'm better at editing now. It still takes me a long time, because that's just how I work, but it's not quite as bad as it used to be. I don't plan on attempting anything quite as massive any time soon, but when I invariably break that resolution I'm sure it'll go a lot smoother.

What’s next? Do you have any podfic goals for next year?

For now I have a video game podfic I'm very excited to finish, and aside from that my goal is the same as always: record in ALL OF THE SMALL FANDOMS. I'd like to try and record some more Kuroko no Basuke podfics (target audience: me and me alone) and, more importantly, a couple of Haikyuu!! ones. (Alternatively, make someone else record in those fandoms for me. *schemes*) That said I seem to have a habit of switching to a different fandom entirely after finishing a podfic, so we'll see what I really end up doing in 2016.

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