Dec. 29th, 2013

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So while I was wallowing in the anticipation of #ITPE reveals and preparing to write this post, meant to be only about my contribution to that exchange, I noticed that I had never gotten around to writing a post about two collabs I did this year. They were posted in March and April, respectively. It is now December. Yeeeeah. <.<

First up, there's Do You Want to Date My Avatar, a theatripod project I was really lucky to be part of. It's a Teen Wolf story about WoW and super funny, recorded by a bunch of super amazing people. We recorded this over Skype (which was a hilarious experience) and I am very much in awe of our director for putting everything together.

Then there's the awesomeness that is the Hockey RPF/SGA crossover notfic, which came to be in one of the most amazing twitter conversations I've ever had. Between [ profile] fishpatrol , [personal profile] hananobira , [ profile] reena_jenkins and myself we're also all podficcers, so the obvious thing to do was to record a podfic of our cracky headcanons. And that's how you end up with a summary like this:  "A story about not!Russians, the Atlantis Hockey League, accidental offworld marriages (of course) and the intergalactic sex appeal of the mullet."

Sometime this summer I was also asked to be part of a Slashreport hiatus episode about the Ace Attorney series, which was a great experience. But also kinda difficult. I'm pretty confident in my English and consider myself to be fluent, but it always takes me that one second longer to put my thoughts into words. Especially when I want to be concise because hey, people will be listening to this and I can't record retakes. ^^'''

And with that out of the way, let's get to the Informal Twitter Podfic Exchange!


Accidentally In Love by sociofemme (I Want To Go Home!, Rudy/Mike), recorded for [ profile] fishpatrol. I was so happy and excited to have her as my recipient (I'm pretty sure we were matched because we were the only ones requesting Korman podfic XD) and decided on this story pretty fast because it's one of my  favourites in the fandom. It has Mike being oblivious and Rudy being...Rudy, with appearances by Vicky and Jeff and one character I will not name here for reasons of hilarity.

I started recording this while I had a cold, because I apparently wanted myself to suffer more than usual during editing.Turned out alright though.[personal profile] hananobira was my beta and is the reason why I finally know just how the hell 'crotchet' is pronounced. Seriously though, 'croshay'? English language, I'm side-eying you so hard.

The music I used for this is, you guessed it, Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows. As for the cover art, I had some trouble deciding on what the most important, recognizable and illustratable thing in the story was - I spent half a day at work google image searching stock pictures of water glasses and painkillers - but in the end I really liked the idea of using laundry symbols. There's something really nice about the simplicity of it, and I did my best to chose the most appropriate symbols. ;D

This is the longest podfic I'm posting this year, coming in at 01:42:50, and can be downloaded here at mediafire. Enjoy!


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