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I haven't posted all the podfics I made here on dreamwidth yet, buuuuuuut let's do this thing first! Including all the ITPE things even if they only got posted today.


I posted 21 podfics in 13 fandoms in 2016. Total length: 13:19:37

Out of those 11 were collabs.

Longest podfic: The Sea and Stars Are Yours My Dear, 03:30:09.

Shortest podfic: Two Monks Invent Fandom, 00:05:46

2 ITPE main gifts, 8 treats.

What was the best podfic you made this year?

I am really happy with every podfic I made in 2016, tbh, so this is a bit difficult. But in the end, it might still be The Sea And Stars Are Yours My Dear (Dishonored), which I posted all the way back in January. I spent a lot of time on it and am very proud of how it turned out. There's a very specific tone or atmosphere to it, half eerie, half hilarious, and yet it felt very easy to record. And as I noticed again when I more recently recorded in a mundane universe (time to bring out the menacing voice, to quote myself) doing the Outsider is always fun! Even if I have to say 'My dear Corvo' 5 million times to get into his voice.

What was the best cover you made this year?

This year I finally learned to install fonts, and it definitely shows in my ITPE covers. XD The cover I made for A Loyal Fan (Yuri On Ice) is probably my favourite, and definitely the most ambitious one I attempted so far. I'm not sure it works 100%, but it's a start! I'm also rather fond of the more minimalist cover for no room for pretend (Haikyuu).

Most underappreciated?

I honestly did not expect any of my Haikyuu podfics to receive much attention, but as it turns out, the Haikyuu fandom is really great and appreciative? It made me really happy! Still, KUNIMI, SOBS WHISPERER (Haikyuu) might be the answer here, simply because I love it so much and want everyone to listen to it! Oh well. It is a rare pairing, I guess. 

Personal favourite, for whatever reason?

KUNIMI, SOBS WHISPERER (Haikyuu). I love it SO MUCH. I have never laughed so much while recording/editing something. And if I may, I think my comedic crying is really quite good. :3 Similarly I also really like Hedge Your Bets (Ace Attorney, endless plant jokes). What can I say, I love crack fic.

Most difficult to make?

While the editing for most of my ITPE projects went very easily, Shrapnel (FMA) just had to be difficult. Or maybe it's just because it was the last project I had left to edit and I was tired, who knows. On the performance side, my part in Through Other Eyes (Dishonored) was rather challenging because the POV character uses they/their pronouns and also has slightly jumbled speech patterns - I hope it turned out okay!

Most “ah ha ha I can’t believe I’m doing this”?

KUNIMI, SOBS WHISPERER (Haikyuu), which was a very spontaneous idea and which I finished in like, a week. And then there's the, uh, alternative cover I made for here on the roof of the world (Yuri On Ice) and which you can view here. I'm really sorry. It's all fishpatrol and Hananobira's fault. :P

Most fun to make?

I did so many collabs, both in person and over skype, and they're always so much fun. <3 Aside from those, I'll have to point back up to my favourites! Hedge Your Bets (Ace Attorney) especially was fun to do because it gave me an excuse to point my finger dramatically and yell OBJECTION!

Was there one that didn’t turn out the way you wanted?

Nope, I don't think so! Which is a pretty great feeling, ngl. There's definitely room for improvement, but I'm happy with where I'm at.

Biggest learning experience?

Nothing really stands out in my memory, but then I'm not a particularly adventurous podficcer, hah. Maybe my attempts at being more ambitious with my cover art count!

What’s next? Do you have any podfic goals for next year?

I'd say 'make it to 50 works', but I'm pretty sure that's doable. ;D I do want to record more Haikyuu podfic, some Rogue One things maybe, and then there's two big projects that I've been thinking about for a while now...we'll see. :3
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In a display of productivity unprecedented outside of ITPE, I just finished 3 podfics in 2 weeks. Granted, two of those have been almost ready for ages, while the last one is super short. But still! Go me. 

All of them are for Haikyuu!!, the sports anime of my heart, love of my life. Definitely planning on recording more of them.


no room for pretend
(Iwaizumi/Oikawa), orphaned work. Somehow these two dorks ended up my most favourite pairing??? I am highly emotional about them and I love them and I require ten million more fics for them at the very least. This one is a most excellent fake dating story, which is always a tricky trope for me. With any given fake dating fic, I will either love it with the fiery passion of a thousand suns, or I will have to stop reading two paragraphs in because I can't handle it. IDK. It's weird. Anyway, with this fic it was obviously option number one!

I think this is an AU setting (b/c of the mentions of Suga and Ushiwaka and, well, the lack of Volleyball), but only a very slight one. Now that I think about it, using pics of them in their school stuff is maybe a bit misleading, since they're older here. Oh well. *shrugs* I still like the cover.

It's not as obvious here as it is in KUNIMI, SOBS WHISPERER, but I think I did a lot more...performing, I guess, with Oikawa's dialogue than I usually do. I'm not that good at doing voices, so I usually don't put too much thought into it, but here it felt kind necessary. I'm not sure how much of it is Oikawa's seiyuu in the anime or just my own character interpretation, but I always think of him as someone who very carefully chooses how to project himself in most situations, and I wanted to show that somehow.

Anyway, the podfic runs 01:47:20 and you can find it on AO3.


i put my hand out, unfolded, into the sunlight by carafin (Akaashi/Bokuto) is so, so lovely. I mean, it has magic realism and Bokuto discovering his love of baking and the rest of Fukurodani being very long-suffering - what more do you want? And the narration feels very Akaashi, A+++.

This was pretty much finished for a long time before I finally posted it because I was unsure what to do about the fact that I kinda mispronounce Bokuto's name. <.<'' In the end it just feels way more comfortable to say it the way I did, so I decided against rerecording the entire thing. I hope it's not too distracting! 

It's 32:41 and you can find it on the AO3.


Ahaha, so. Recording KUNIMI, SOBS WHISPERER by psidn (Kindaichi/Kunimi pre-slash) was something of an impulsive decision. This story is the crack I never knew I wanted. Kunimi. Kindaichi. Lots of crying over TV dramas. Oikawa being a petty little shit. Fuck, I love it. I also never had more fun while recording something - I was just laughing at my own over-the-top performance all through recording and editing. And here you can probably really tell what I meant about Oikawa's voice. I had so much fun with that, omg. 

There are very few clear official pics of Kunimi, but in all of them he looks incredibly done with everything. It's pretty amazing. 

Please check this podfic out, I am so happy with how it turned out. :DDD  It runs 13:34 and is here on the AO3.

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Is this more niche than my Kuroko no Basuke podfic? Probably not. But still pretty damn niche.

The Sea and Stars Are Yours, My Dear, But the Moon Would Not Cooperate by NeverwinterThistle (Dishonored, Corvo Attano/The Outsider) is probably the most pleased I have ever been with anything I've recorded. But let's start at the beginning. I had occasionally heard about Dishonored on twitter but never planned on getting the game myself because, well, anything that's not a JRPG is usually not something I'm good at. Stealth games in particular do not play to my strengths. But at some point someone (possibly from twitter?) recced this fic so highly and convincingly that I actually sat down and watched a play-through of Dishonored on youtube (which I thought was low-chaos but actually turned out to be high-chaos and WOW was I mad about that. Only ghosting play-throughs for this girl from now on). 
Once I had lost a couple very enjoyable hours to watching all that, I went back to read the fic and absolutely loved every second of it. You probably don't even need to know the canon to enjoy this. It's all about an ageless, omniscient god-like being with limited understanding of human social interaction trying (and mostly failing) to woo a very bemused human. There's flower language (kinda) and picnics (kinda) and serenades and everything. It's hilarious, but also somehow keeps the eerie atmosphere of the source material, which I found incredibly impressive. 
When I was rereading it last summer, I decided to ask for permission to record it, kinda on a whim because hey, 25k didn't sound too bad (sob), and the author was super nice and enthusiastic about it. I barely had to rerecord anything, aside from Jessamine's name, the pronunciation of which I forgot to look up until I was already more than half-way through. <.<'' Oh, and 'mischievous'. That's just a weird word. I probably had the most fun with The Outsider's voice, though in retrospect it might be a bit over the top. I had some trouble finding and keeping it at first, so I ended up watching all the Shrine cutscenes 10 million times and saying 'My dear Corvo' to myself over and over again. Fun times. 
I spent a couple hours working on the cover art last year, only to completely switch out the background image in a matter of minutes this weekend. Somehow this photo just worked way better than the concept art of Dunwall Tower I had settled on. And the intro music is possibly the strangest thing about this entire project. It's the piano version of the kpop ending song of a kdrama adaptation of my favourite Shoujo manga, Skip Beat. And yet it somehow felt like the best fit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Anyway. Like I said, I'm really pleased with how this podfic turned out. It's 03:30:09 long and you can download the .zip file here
Enjoy! <3

P.S.: I finally started playing Dishonored myself recently, and it's going okay. But as it turns out I am surprisingly stubborn about going as low-chaos as possible. Which mostly means lots of saving and reloading. :P
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Couple days late, but eh, whatever.

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the song went on forever by salvage (Guardians of the Galaxy, gen) is a short and sweet story about cuddling. A++++ all around and recorded for my fellow sky pirate [personal profile] forzandopod. The pic I used for the cover actually ends right about where the text begins, so I had to spend some quality time with the stamp tool, or whatever it's called. The podfic comes in at an adorable 06:02 and can be downloaded here. \o/

Chacun à son goût by thehoyden (Dresden Files, Harry/Marcone) is a classic and an old favourite. I decided almost immediately to record this for my darling [personal profile] hananobira , having apparently forgotten just how many opera terms are in there. XD Endless thanks to [personal profile] kalakirya for helping me with the surprise!Italian and [ profile] fishpatrol for being my trusty beta. For the cover art I used a picture of what I think is actually a Chicago opera house? I tried finding one of a private box, but alas, the google fu was not with me.

I ended up listening to quite a bit of opera thanks to working on this, and actually watched some sort of movie version of La Boheme on youtube. The song at the beginning of this podfic is an instrumental version of quando m'en vo, aka Musetta's solo, because she's my fav. :D The music at the end is the prelude to La Traviata, though I also considered the overture of Die Fledermaus. Also: at some point I'm going to release a blooper reel that includes the 5 minutes I spent freaking out about the pronunciation of segue. I mean, seriously? SEGWAY? 

Ahem. Anyway, the podifc is 1:11:50 long and can be downloaded here.

The One with the Bros by andavs (Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles) might actually be my surprise!favourite, just because the narration was so much fun to record. I mean, it's a story about Stiles, Derek and Scott fighting (well, 'fighting') against a coven made of frat bro witches. How amazing is that? Hella amazing. And hella funny. I was so happy that I thought of this when I was contemplating what to record for [ profile] reena_jenkins . It's perfect for her (I hope). 

And I'm so pleased with how the cover turned out, I can't even tell you. I found that guy just by googling frat bro, photoshopped the Ucla logo on there, and boom, super fast yet super cool cover art. i guess alternatively I could have taken a picture of work bro in one of his Ucla shirts (no but seriously, why does he have all of those, we're in Germany) but I'm sorry to say he wouldn't have been able to pull off that glorious douchiness/swagger. The music, as stated, is from that college song, and my super-short-notice beta was the lovely [ profile] yue_ix . <3

The podfic comes in at a very pleasing 54:45 and can be downloaded here.

Enjoy~ <3

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The #ITPE masterlist is up and I am STOKED AS HELL you guys. :DDD I got THE MOST AMAZING Tim/Kon podfic as my gift, and 4 (four!!!) treats that I can't wait to listen to. Personally I'm also really pleased with my own output, something like 5 hours total, which was mostly possible due to me twisting my ankle and having to stay on my couch for three weeks. <.< Great for podfic productivity, really.

Anywayyyy. My recipient this year was the one and only Rhea314, which caused a round of gleeful cackling when I got the assignment. :3 I was somewhat less smug about it all when I realized how difficult it was to find fics that she hadn't already recorded herself, but I did manage to find two perfect stories to record, so all is well. <3

let's get together before we get much older by raewrites (Raven Cycle, Adam Parrish/Ronan Lynch) is a really beautiful future fic about Blue, Ronan and Noah visiting Adam and Gansey at university. It has gorgeous imagery (and some of that was captured in the SUPER AMAZING fanart you can see here), great relationship dynamics and an Adam POV that shows perfectly how he has grown and settled. One of my favourite bits (aside from EVERYTHING) might be the little glimpses at Blue and Ronan's friendship. If Blue painting Ronan's nails isn't the best thing ever, I don't know what is. 

[personal profile] knight_tracer was kind enough to beta this for me and the music is from a band called Oh Wonder. I was listening to ~atmospheric~ mixes in hopes of finding a good song for this podfic when I came across another one of theirs, Without You. That also came into consideration (because it includes the line 'can't pick up the phone without you', I mean, come on. How Ronan is that?) but while listening to the rest of their stuff I found Technicolour Beat, which fits even better. I'm also pretty happy with how the cover turned out, and really grateful to cloven for letting me use their artwork for it. <3

The podfic comes in at 2:14:35 and can be downloaded here.

Half the World is Waiting by dreamlittleyo (FAKE, mainly Dee/Ryo) is a story about home and family from Ryo and Bikky's POVs. While it starts pretty melancholy, it's a sweet and funny look into the future of all the characters (oh hey, future fic and family, there's a theme). The scene where Bikky comes home and looks at the city through the car window really stuck with me, so I used the NYC skyline for the cover.

Mostly this fic just made me feel really, really fond of everyone, and I hope that comes across well. <3 [ profile] Vorvayne thankfully agreed to beta listen. The podfic comes in at 37:36 and can be downloaded here.

Happy #ITPE everyone. <3
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Thank you so much in advance! As always, I am super excited for this exchange.

fandoms etc under the cut )
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Uh, surprise? It certainly was one to me.

with strings so fragile is an orphaned Kuroko no Basuke fic (Midorima/Takao because hey, this is me we're talking about) that I had been considering recording sometime in the near future, but the other day I just felt like working on some podfic, so I recorded and edited it in two days. Or two evenings, rather. It's a short one, coming in at 11:25, and it's just really calm and quiet and sweet and tagged by the author as 'Emotional Constipation' because it's about Midorima having feelings, so of course that fits perfectly.

Have I mentioned before how much I love Midorima/Takao? Because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Favourite knb OTP, pretty much he only reason why I watched seson 3 tbh. I want to record some more for this pairing in the future.

The cover was kind of a rush job - after spending at least 45 minutes last night looking first for screencaps of that one episode that I knew for a fact had Midorima with his mobile phone, and then for pictures/anime screenshots of Japanese flip phones in general, none of the things I found wanted to work. So I just said 'fuck it' and went with the above picture.

Anyway. The download link is here. Once again, thanks to paraka for hosting.

Enjoy! <3

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Hiya Internets, it's been a while!

This month is one of fangirl visits and traveling (except for the next one and a half weeks, during which I have to go to work, ugh) that I've been looking forward to all year, and so far it's been AMAZING. <3 Maybe I'll get around to writing it up sometime, but for now I just want to write an overdue crosspost, since ~a certain someone~ (:P) helpfully reminded me that I hadn't done it yet. I present to you - drumroll please - the podfic project of my heart for the two and a half years it took me to finish it:


Early last month I finally finished editing bring it if you really want it by staraflur (Hockey RPF, Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews), aka probably my favourite Harry Potter AU in the history of ever. I ended up recording like, 10 minutes of gushy reader's notes, so I don't want to get into too much detail here except to say that I'm honestly amazed that I managed to do this. It took me forever, but I made it, and I'm still really proud of that. And as always, beta was provided by [personal profile] fishpatrol, who is the best. <333

The podfic comes in at 15 hours 31 minutes and 3 seconds (!!!!!) and you can download it all in one .zip file over here, graciously hosted by the wonderful paraka.

It's also a fic that stands alone very well, so even if you don't know the fandom, give it a try if you like HP-AUs and epic world building!

Enjoy <3

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New podfic! :D I recorded this one a couple months ago as part of [ profile] fishpatrol 's birthday present and am now finally getting around to posting it.


Fair's Fair by thehoyden (Harry Dresden/John Marcone) is, hilariously, a story I've recorded once before, as I rediscovered the other day. You see, before I got my real start in podfic, I did record a couple of fics here and there for my ears only, and this was apparently one of them. And the difference in reading, pronunciation, sound quality and everything else between that old version and this one? Is kind of amazing. Listening to them back to back made me really happy about my progress as a reader, seriously.

Anyway. All of thehoyden's Dresden Files stories are amazing and funny and cute, and this one has sleepy mafia lords and enclosed spaces. A++ all around.

You can download the podfic here. (19:02 minutes)

Enjoy! <3
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Happy #ITPE reveals, y'all! :D I got the loveliest gift and two awesome treats this year - two Inception podfics and one Check, Please! podfic - so you should head over to the masterlist to check those out.

I got the lovely Hananobira as my recipient this year, so right from the beginning I knew I was gonna record some Hockey RPF for her. I somehow ended up recording about 2 and a half hours total, which was a bit much with all the other stuff I had going on. ^^''' I am very pleased with the result though, so. Here we go.

God, You Two Are So Married written by popfly (Hockey RPF, Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin) started as 'Eh, I guess I'd better record Hana some Jamie/Tyler.' and ended up as 'Oh my god this project is my baby, I love it so much!'. It's pretty normal for me to fall more in love with a story while recording it, but in this case I'm just so pleased with how it turned out. The music I used for this is Wouldn't It Be Nice by The Pet Shop Boys, which is one of those songs that's just on my laptop and I have no idea why? I've downloaded a lot of fanmixes over the years, I guess it might've been on one of those. At first I wasn't quite sure if it was a good song to use - I really like it, but I can never quite figure out if it's sincere or ironic - but whatever, it fit. A sappy song for a ridiculously cute story.

I'm also super pleased with the cover art! At first I had something very different planned, but as it turns out, using other people's wedding photos for a cover feels a bit creepy. Even if it's just pictures of their dogs. <.< I eventually came across a stock image of a speech bubble made ot of symbols and decided to adapt that, using some stuff from from the stock image and adding some others that fit the story. I think this might be my new favourite cover, seriously.

Beta was provided by [ profile] fishpatrol , the podfic is 37:46 minutes long and you can download it here.

Dude, Where's The Stanley Cup?! by svmadelyn (Hockey RPF, Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane) is a story I had previously considered recording, so that choice was easy. It gave me a bit more trouble than I expected - I feel like I should've done something to separate the scenes more clearly, and Geno is barely in it, but man his lines are hard! - but it was also super fun to try out some over the top performances. Shawzy is my favourite part of this, hands down. I wasn't quite sure whether I should really include the author's notes at the beginning since they're quite long, but I felt like the info about just who the hell Mike and Phil are should probably be included.

I considered several songs for this podfic, including some from the movie soundtrack, some country songs, and, at some point, 500 Miles by The Proclaimers. In the end none of it really felt right and I was already a day over the deadline, so I went ahead with it as it is. Thinking about it now, Geronimo by Sheppard really is the one that feels the most appropriate, even though I decided against it because the lyrics didn't fit. I'm still not very good with choosing music unless the title is from a song, really.

The cover art is the first thing I did for this project. I tried several things, but in the end I really wanted to use the logo after spending forever changing it, so. A map and a minivan it is. Many thanks to [personal profile] kalakirya for jumping in as beta on very short notice. The podfic comes in at 1:55:28 and can be downloaded here.

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yaaaay, it's #ITPE time! \o/

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Previously on Chrisi's Eternal Summer / Who's That Seiyuu / Did You Know I Have A Lot Of Feelings About Anime / this series of write-ups I did:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6

Like I already said, writing these posts regularly was super fun and actually much easier than I'd anticipated. I'm thinking about how best to keep doing these - now that I'm back at work I really won't be able to watch so many things, obviously, but maybe I can write one post a month or so.

For now I thought I'd pick the new-to-me things I liked best and that I'd most recommend. (Keeping it short because, well, I already wrote about them.)

1. In The Flesh (week 1), definitely! My new life goal is to make everyone I know watch this show because it's amazing and really, really special. Hands down among the top shows I've ever seen, it deserves all the awards.

2. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (weeks 2 and 4). I'd go with the anime over the manga, though both are very good. I just prefer the episode format over the four panel strips. Hilarious beyond belief, never mean-spirited, with a great cast of characters. I love every single one of them. Perfect for when you just want to feel good and laugh for 20 minutes straight. (ongoing series)

3. Haikyuu!! (weeks 1 and 6) I JUST REALLY LOVE THIS ANIME, OKAY? I keep squeeing about it on twitter because it gives so much joy. It avoids a lot of the things that can make other sports anime seem silly, it usually makes me laugh for half the episode and then cry from being overwhelmed with (super positive!) feelings the other half. Emotional investment level at 110%. (ongoing series)

4. Saving Face (week 5). HELLA CUTE. Also code-switching. We all need more happy LGBT movies in our lives, don't we?

Aside from watching/reading a bajillion shows and movies and manga I also had plans to do some other things.

life stuff )

Finally, I also wanted to mention some other stuff going on in my life at the moment. more life stuff )
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I've been looking forward to doing this since I saw it going around last year. I even started a spreadsheet because of it, though that might also just be because Podficcers/spreadsheets = OTP.

Here we go! )
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So while I was wallowing in the anticipation of #ITPE reveals and preparing to write this post, meant to be only about my contribution to that exchange, I noticed that I had never gotten around to writing a post about two collabs I did this year. They were posted in March and April, respectively. It is now December. Yeeeeah. <.<

First up, there's Do You Want to Date My Avatar, a theatripod project I was really lucky to be part of. It's a Teen Wolf story about WoW and super funny, recorded by a bunch of super amazing people. We recorded this over Skype (which was a hilarious experience) and I am very much in awe of our director for putting everything together.

Then there's the awesomeness that is the Hockey RPF/SGA crossover notfic, which came to be in one of the most amazing twitter conversations I've ever had. Between [ profile] fishpatrol , [personal profile] hananobira , [ profile] reena_jenkins and myself we're also all podficcers, so the obvious thing to do was to record a podfic of our cracky headcanons. And that's how you end up with a summary like this:  "A story about not!Russians, the Atlantis Hockey League, accidental offworld marriages (of course) and the intergalactic sex appeal of the mullet."

Sometime this summer I was also asked to be part of a Slashreport hiatus episode about the Ace Attorney series, which was a great experience. But also kinda difficult. I'm pretty confident in my English and consider myself to be fluent, but it always takes me that one second longer to put my thoughts into words. Especially when I want to be concise because hey, people will be listening to this and I can't record retakes. ^^'''

And with that out of the way, let's get to the Informal Twitter Podfic Exchange!


Accidentally In Love by sociofemme (I Want To Go Home!, Rudy/Mike), recorded for [ profile] fishpatrol. I was so happy and excited to have her as my recipient (I'm pretty sure we were matched because we were the only ones requesting Korman podfic XD) and decided on this story pretty fast because it's one of my  favourites in the fandom. It has Mike being oblivious and Rudy being...Rudy, with appearances by Vicky and Jeff and one character I will not name here for reasons of hilarity.

I started recording this while I had a cold, because I apparently wanted myself to suffer more than usual during editing.Turned out alright though.[personal profile] hananobira was my beta and is the reason why I finally know just how the hell 'crotchet' is pronounced. Seriously though, 'croshay'? English language, I'm side-eying you so hard.

The music I used for this is, you guessed it, Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows. As for the cover art, I had some trouble deciding on what the most important, recognizable and illustratable thing in the story was - I spent half a day at work google image searching stock pictures of water glasses and painkillers - but in the end I really liked the idea of using laundry symbols. There's something really nice about the simplicity of it, and I did my best to chose the most appropriate symbols. ;D

This is the longest podfic I'm posting this year, coming in at 01:42:50, and can be downloaded here at mediafire. Enjoy!

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Considering that I only put out two podfics all year in 2012, I'm quite surprised (but also super pleased, obvs) by my podfic output so far this year. Coming right up: two more Hockey RPF podfics. Even better yet: two collaborations with the awesome [personal profile] fishpatrol!

Four Kisses by grim_lupine (Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews) is short and sweet and reverse chronological. I almost messed up one of the lines in this story because I was busy melting into a puddle of fuzzy feelings and 'Awwwww'-ing all over the place.

Making the cover was fun - I'm still a bit disappointed that no one could find us that mystical picture of the two dudes who look like Kaner and Tazer making out, tbh. Alas, instead I spent a few hours on google looking for kissing pictures (wondering about the lack of outright porn until I noticed google had turned the safe search filter on. Oh, google.) and eventually found this picture. At least that one dude kinda looks like Johnny? Anyway. It is becoming quite obvious that I'm way too fond of the Blackhawks colour scheme (and the stripes thing! <3), considering I've made 3 covers so far - all for hockey podfic, granted - and they're all red/white/black.

You can download (or stream!) here. (8:54 min)

(Cover made by [personal profile] fishpatrol <3)

Just Routine by grim_lupine (Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews). The author's summary is as follows: "Three times Johnny went to Patrick's room, and one time Patrick went to him."
How much do I love all the fic about the room sharing, or rather, lack of room sharing now that they get single rooms? SO. MUCH. The codependency of this pairing just really works for me, IDEK.

Download or stream over here. (13:05 min)

These were my first collaborations (unless you count theatripod, but well, that's not out yet) and it was a great experience! :D I want to do more!
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cinéma vérité by ohtempora (Hockey RPF, Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane) is a an awesome story. Seriously, I fell in love as soon as I read the summary:

"Movie nights with Kaner become a thing once they begin to get recognized enough that physically going to the movies means he spends a couple of days waiting for the Deadspin exposé entitled Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane Have Terrible Taste in Movies, Each Other to hit the internet."

See? Awesome! :D The whole story is just full of lines that were so. much. fun. to read out loud (Ryan Gosling and his abs! Microbreweries! Okay, that one was actually pretty difficult.), and I recorded them over and over again to find the most fun deliveries. I think I already thought about how one could audibly separate the movie sections when I read this fic for the very first time, so this is possibly the first thing I read from a podfic view point from the very start.

I decided on using film music right away, and then ran straight into the problem of only ever having seen one of the featured movies (LotR), so while I could obviously look stuff up on youtube, I didn't actually know if people who had seen these films would really associate the songs with them. Twitter came through for me for the most part, and I hope that you, dear listener, recognize them if you've seen the movies. Coincidentally, two of the songs are by Muse. Huh. For one section, I also used audio from the movie itself, because reasons.

(Side note: Since recording and editing etc. I have actually seen Up, which is an utterly amazing movie that made me CRY LIKE YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE. Like, I was just a sobbing mess when the movie ended, and it's not a sad ending! I literally said "I'm not crying because I'm sad, I just have too many feelings!" to my friend as the credits rolled. No one would ever bet on who could make me cry first. It'd just be a matter of who got to me faster.)

[ profile] fishpatrol was my beta and also enlightened me re: hummus (I kept reading that everywhere but never bothered to look up just what it is). The cover was once again made by yours truly, though to be honest all I had to do was stumble over that picture, make it darker and choose a font. Fonts are serious business. (I know, I know, they're not actually in a movie theatre, but I really liked that picture, okay?)

Alright, the download link is here at mediafire and the length is exactly 15:30.

Finally, I'd like to say that I completely agree with the author's notes on the story: that gif of Jonathan Toews being freaked out by pigeons really is the most hilarious thing on the Internet. 

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I recorded two podfics for Hananobira's Audiofic Archivist Appreciation Meme, aka #3AM! \o/ I was a bit nervous because this was the first fest or challenge I signed up for and my previous podfics took foreeeeeeeeveeeeeeer to edit. But as it turns out, the deadline worked really well for me and my productivity.


 photo So-Totally-Busted-300px_zps300dce6f.jpg

So Totally Busted (Young Avengers, Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman) by Perpetual Motion, who has blanket permission, yay!

This is a short one, so I'm just going to give you the summary and let you listen for yourself: "Yeah, Billy's a superhero, and that's awesome. But he's still a teenager, and that means answering to his folks."

This fic was requested by[profile] sly_hostetter, who obviously has very good taste in both fandoms and fics. I love the Young Avengers and especially Billy and Teddy. Though to be honest - all of the characters are awesome (Kaaaaate <3). The inclusion of everyone's parents in the earlier issues of the series was something I really enjoyed, particularly that one scene with Billy's parents. Possibly my favourite scene in the comics, ngl. :D

The awesome cover art was made by[personal profile] raz0rgirl and[personal profile] duckgirlie was my super speedy beta who conveniently knew things about Adium. I actually tried to find the message alert sound that Adium makes, but the one youtube video I found (yes, someone made a video solely to share that sound with the world) was sadly not of very good quality. Where does everyone else get their sound effects?

Download link is here at mediafire. (09:46 min)


 photo puppycover300_zps1efd70b4.jpg

Gone to the Dogs by Rei Kinneas. hockeyrpf, gen-ish (Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews pre-slash). Recorded for[personal profile] fish_echo.

Ah~, hockeyrpf. Still ruining my life in the most enjoyable way possible. This was one of the first hockey fics I read and it's super adorable. I mean, Jonathan Toews turns into a puppy! Need I say more? It's also the first gen fic I've recorded - for a given, very pre-slashy definition of gen. Things I enjoyed about this story: Kaner having a lot of feelings while also being very oblivious, puppy!Johnny being his cock-blocking and jealous self, Sharpy (because, c'mon, he's Sharpy! Do I need a reason?), Seabs and his book of Wicca spells, and the image of Coach Q consulting with puppy!Tazer during practice. D'awwww.

The song at the beginning/end is Gone to the Dogs by KT Tunstall, because I remain somewhat uncreative in that regard. I considered using this song from the start, then decided to search all of my music for a better fit, and in the end I returned to it after all. <.< Choosing music is hard, yo.

Thanks to the lovely[ profile] fishpatrol for the beta and to[personal profile] sylvaine for helping me out with the surprise!Slovakian. Cover art is by me, surprisingly! My first go at it, yay!

Download link is here at mediafire. (50:23 min)

(Also, is this a good week or what? 3AM podfics are posted, Fall Out Boy have new music AND Community comes back on in a few days! Awesome! :D)


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