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the song went on forever by salvage (Guardians of the Galaxy, gen) is a short and sweet story about cuddling. A++++ all around and recorded for my fellow sky pirate [personal profile] forzandopod. The pic I used for the cover actually ends right about where the text begins, so I had to spend some quality time with the stamp tool, or whatever it's called. The podfic comes in at an adorable 06:02 and can be downloaded here. \o/

Chacun à son goût by thehoyden (Dresden Files, Harry/Marcone) is a classic and an old favourite. I decided almost immediately to record this for my darling [personal profile] hananobira , having apparently forgotten just how many opera terms are in there. XD Endless thanks to [personal profile] kalakirya for helping me with the surprise!Italian and [ profile] fishpatrol for being my trusty beta. For the cover art I used a picture of what I think is actually a Chicago opera house? I tried finding one of a private box, but alas, the google fu was not with me.

I ended up listening to quite a bit of opera thanks to working on this, and actually watched some sort of movie version of La Boheme on youtube. The song at the beginning of this podfic is an instrumental version of quando m'en vo, aka Musetta's solo, because she's my fav. :D The music at the end is the prelude to La Traviata, though I also considered the overture of Die Fledermaus. Also: at some point I'm going to release a blooper reel that includes the 5 minutes I spent freaking out about the pronunciation of segue. I mean, seriously? SEGWAY? 

Ahem. Anyway, the podifc is 1:11:50 long and can be downloaded here.

The One with the Bros by andavs (Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles) might actually be my surprise!favourite, just because the narration was so much fun to record. I mean, it's a story about Stiles, Derek and Scott fighting (well, 'fighting') against a coven made of frat bro witches. How amazing is that? Hella amazing. And hella funny. I was so happy that I thought of this when I was contemplating what to record for [ profile] reena_jenkins . It's perfect for her (I hope). 

And I'm so pleased with how the cover turned out, I can't even tell you. I found that guy just by googling frat bro, photoshopped the Ucla logo on there, and boom, super fast yet super cool cover art. i guess alternatively I could have taken a picture of work bro in one of his Ucla shirts (no but seriously, why does he have all of those, we're in Germany) but I'm sorry to say he wouldn't have been able to pull off that glorious douchiness/swagger. The music, as stated, is from that college song, and my super-short-notice beta was the lovely [ profile] yue_ix . <3

The podfic comes in at a very pleasing 54:45 and can be downloaded here.

Enjoy~ <3

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The #ITPE masterlist is up and I am STOKED AS HELL you guys. :DDD I got THE MOST AMAZING Tim/Kon podfic as my gift, and 4 (four!!!) treats that I can't wait to listen to. Personally I'm also really pleased with my own output, something like 5 hours total, which was mostly possible due to me twisting my ankle and having to stay on my couch for three weeks. <.< Great for podfic productivity, really.

Anywayyyy. My recipient this year was the one and only Rhea314, which caused a round of gleeful cackling when I got the assignment. :3 I was somewhat less smug about it all when I realized how difficult it was to find fics that she hadn't already recorded herself, but I did manage to find two perfect stories to record, so all is well. <3

let's get together before we get much older by raewrites (Raven Cycle, Adam Parrish/Ronan Lynch) is a really beautiful future fic about Blue, Ronan and Noah visiting Adam and Gansey at university. It has gorgeous imagery (and some of that was captured in the SUPER AMAZING fanart you can see here), great relationship dynamics and an Adam POV that shows perfectly how he has grown and settled. One of my favourite bits (aside from EVERYTHING) might be the little glimpses at Blue and Ronan's friendship. If Blue painting Ronan's nails isn't the best thing ever, I don't know what is. 

[personal profile] knight_tracer was kind enough to beta this for me and the music is from a band called Oh Wonder. I was listening to ~atmospheric~ mixes in hopes of finding a good song for this podfic when I came across another one of theirs, Without You. That also came into consideration (because it includes the line 'can't pick up the phone without you', I mean, come on. How Ronan is that?) but while listening to the rest of their stuff I found Technicolour Beat, which fits even better. I'm also pretty happy with how the cover turned out, and really grateful to cloven for letting me use their artwork for it. <3

The podfic comes in at 2:14:35 and can be downloaded here.

Half the World is Waiting by dreamlittleyo (FAKE, mainly Dee/Ryo) is a story about home and family from Ryo and Bikky's POVs. While it starts pretty melancholy, it's a sweet and funny look into the future of all the characters (oh hey, future fic and family, there's a theme). The scene where Bikky comes home and looks at the city through the car window really stuck with me, so I used the NYC skyline for the cover.

Mostly this fic just made me feel really, really fond of everyone, and I hope that comes across well. <3 [ profile] Vorvayne thankfully agreed to beta listen. The podfic comes in at 37:36 and can be downloaded here.

Happy #ITPE everyone. <3
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Thank you so much in advance! As always, I am super excited for this exchange.

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Happy #ITPE reveals, y'all! :D I got the loveliest gift and two awesome treats this year - two Inception podfics and one Check, Please! podfic - so you should head over to the masterlist to check those out.

I got the lovely Hananobira as my recipient this year, so right from the beginning I knew I was gonna record some Hockey RPF for her. I somehow ended up recording about 2 and a half hours total, which was a bit much with all the other stuff I had going on. ^^''' I am very pleased with the result though, so. Here we go.

God, You Two Are So Married written by popfly (Hockey RPF, Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin) started as 'Eh, I guess I'd better record Hana some Jamie/Tyler.' and ended up as 'Oh my god this project is my baby, I love it so much!'. It's pretty normal for me to fall more in love with a story while recording it, but in this case I'm just so pleased with how it turned out. The music I used for this is Wouldn't It Be Nice by The Pet Shop Boys, which is one of those songs that's just on my laptop and I have no idea why? I've downloaded a lot of fanmixes over the years, I guess it might've been on one of those. At first I wasn't quite sure if it was a good song to use - I really like it, but I can never quite figure out if it's sincere or ironic - but whatever, it fit. A sappy song for a ridiculously cute story.

I'm also super pleased with the cover art! At first I had something very different planned, but as it turns out, using other people's wedding photos for a cover feels a bit creepy. Even if it's just pictures of their dogs. <.< I eventually came across a stock image of a speech bubble made ot of symbols and decided to adapt that, using some stuff from from the stock image and adding some others that fit the story. I think this might be my new favourite cover, seriously.

Beta was provided by [ profile] fishpatrol , the podfic is 37:46 minutes long and you can download it here.

Dude, Where's The Stanley Cup?! by svmadelyn (Hockey RPF, Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane) is a story I had previously considered recording, so that choice was easy. It gave me a bit more trouble than I expected - I feel like I should've done something to separate the scenes more clearly, and Geno is barely in it, but man his lines are hard! - but it was also super fun to try out some over the top performances. Shawzy is my favourite part of this, hands down. I wasn't quite sure whether I should really include the author's notes at the beginning since they're quite long, but I felt like the info about just who the hell Mike and Phil are should probably be included.

I considered several songs for this podfic, including some from the movie soundtrack, some country songs, and, at some point, 500 Miles by The Proclaimers. In the end none of it really felt right and I was already a day over the deadline, so I went ahead with it as it is. Thinking about it now, Geronimo by Sheppard really is the one that feels the most appropriate, even though I decided against it because the lyrics didn't fit. I'm still not very good with choosing music unless the title is from a song, really.

The cover art is the first thing I did for this project. I tried several things, but in the end I really wanted to use the logo after spending forever changing it, so. A map and a minivan it is. Many thanks to [personal profile] kalakirya for jumping in as beta on very short notice. The podfic comes in at 1:55:28 and can be downloaded here.

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yaaaay, it's #ITPE time! \o/

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OMG hi! :D It's my first time participating in an exchange like this, so I am super excited!


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