Sep. 13th, 2015

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Hiya Internets, it's been a while!

This month is one of fangirl visits and traveling (except for the next one and a half weeks, during which I have to go to work, ugh) that I've been looking forward to all year, and so far it's been AMAZING. <3 Maybe I'll get around to writing it up sometime, but for now I just want to write an overdue crosspost, since ~a certain someone~ (:P) helpfully reminded me that I hadn't done it yet. I present to you - drumroll please - the podfic project of my heart for the two and a half years it took me to finish it:


Early last month I finally finished editing bring it if you really want it by staraflur (Hockey RPF, Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews), aka probably my favourite Harry Potter AU in the history of ever. I ended up recording like, 10 minutes of gushy reader's notes, so I don't want to get into too much detail here except to say that I'm honestly amazed that I managed to do this. It took me forever, but I made it, and I'm still really proud of that. And as always, beta was provided by [personal profile] fishpatrol, who is the best. <333

The podfic comes in at 15 hours 31 minutes and 3 seconds (!!!!!) and you can download it all in one .zip file over here, graciously hosted by the wonderful paraka.

It's also a fic that stands alone very well, so even if you don't know the fandom, give it a try if you like HP-AUs and epic world building!

Enjoy <3


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