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The #ITPE masterlist is up and I am STOKED AS HELL you guys. :DDD I got THE MOST AMAZING Tim/Kon podfic as my gift, and 4 (four!!!) treats that I can't wait to listen to. Personally I'm also really pleased with my own output, something like 5 hours total, which was mostly possible due to me twisting my ankle and having to stay on my couch for three weeks. <.< Great for podfic productivity, really.

Anywayyyy. My recipient this year was the one and only Rhea314, which caused a round of gleeful cackling when I got the assignment. :3 I was somewhat less smug about it all when I realized how difficult it was to find fics that she hadn't already recorded herself, but I did manage to find two perfect stories to record, so all is well. <3

let's get together before we get much older by raewrites (Raven Cycle, Adam Parrish/Ronan Lynch) is a really beautiful future fic about Blue, Ronan and Noah visiting Adam and Gansey at university. It has gorgeous imagery (and some of that was captured in the SUPER AMAZING fanart you can see here), great relationship dynamics and an Adam POV that shows perfectly how he has grown and settled. One of my favourite bits (aside from EVERYTHING) might be the little glimpses at Blue and Ronan's friendship. If Blue painting Ronan's nails isn't the best thing ever, I don't know what is. 

[personal profile] knight_tracer was kind enough to beta this for me and the music is from a band called Oh Wonder. I was listening to ~atmospheric~ mixes in hopes of finding a good song for this podfic when I came across another one of theirs, Without You. That also came into consideration (because it includes the line 'can't pick up the phone without you', I mean, come on. How Ronan is that?) but while listening to the rest of their stuff I found Technicolour Beat, which fits even better. I'm also pretty happy with how the cover turned out, and really grateful to cloven for letting me use their artwork for it. <3

The podfic comes in at 2:14:35 and can be downloaded here.

Half the World is Waiting by dreamlittleyo (FAKE, mainly Dee/Ryo) is a story about home and family from Ryo and Bikky's POVs. While it starts pretty melancholy, it's a sweet and funny look into the future of all the characters (oh hey, future fic and family, there's a theme). The scene where Bikky comes home and looks at the city through the car window really stuck with me, so I used the NYC skyline for the cover.

Mostly this fic just made me feel really, really fond of everyone, and I hope that comes across well. <3 [ profile] Vorvayne thankfully agreed to beta listen. The podfic comes in at 37:36 and can be downloaded here.

Happy #ITPE everyone. <3

Date: 2016-01-04 01:23 am (UTC)
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I’m super pleased that you got assigned to me, I totally lucked out ^___^
The Raven Cycle podfic is *beautiful*. I love how settled the characters feel in it, this is a future I desperately want for all of them, I’m a wee bit afraid it’ll be seriously negated in the next book, but whatever that’s what fandoms for. I can live in joy and hope relistening to this perfect podfic. Also, thanks for the link to more fan art. :D Blue and Ronan being besties is basically something I’m always here for (and have been thinking a lot about due to my Yuletide assignment this year) so I also really appreciated that aspect of this story. …Also I’ve no listened to that Oh Wonder album like 3 times >.> Then I made my roommate listen to it and now I may be making another Raven Cycle vid, which is clearly your fault.

And as I may have mentioned before, this FAKE fic is like the warmest, nicest hug! Domesticity, family, finding stability. Basically this is made of my favorite comfort-podfic tropes and your reading wraps all that up nicely into a cozy package I will look forward to listening to again and again.



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